On Eternity – Box Set (4 x Endless Loop CS + Book)


MAL016-020; On Eternity

An interdisciplinary take on Eternity. Through musical compositions, poems and essays, nine contemporary artists explore the concept of infinite time and the way it resonates through the emotional, material and spiritual architecture of our own most finite lives.

The On Eternity box set consists of four 10-minute endless loop cassettes and one book of essays and poems, all collected in a silver foil printed graphite cardboard box. Featuring brand new work by:

Anna von Hausswolff
Mats Erlandsson
Ruby Nilsson
Theodor Kentros
Johannes Heldén
Felicia Lindgren
Snejanka Mihaylova
David Zimmermann

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IRRLICHT Stockholm, Sweden

Irrlicht [ɪʀlɪçt], an independent non-profit record label / book publisher founded in 2010.

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